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Testwell Water Level Meter

Water Level Meters

2in1 Testwell Smart Meters™

Durable and accurate our water level meters have set the standard for excellence for over 25 years. Known by some as Dipmeters or Water Level Indicators, these Testwell Tough machines are among the most accurate and best functioning in the industry.

  • Dual function probe measures static water level and well depth cutting field time and purchasing cost in half

  • Sensitivity of readings adjustable to conductivity, probes avoid false readings in cascading water

  • Lifetime warranty on impact resistant and crack-proof frame and reel

Dealer Discounts Available*
Reel Specs
  • Steel frame coated in polyurethane

  • Precision machine nylon hub, stainless steel axel and bearing

  • Well casing hanger and guide protects probe and reel

Tape Specs
  • High tensile spring steels core tefzel or polyethylene kevlar reinforced tape

  • Pressure proof to 2000 psi

  • Stainless steel probe with heavy duty shroud, 7/16 probe for direct proof ½ ID wells

  • Detachable probe is user repairable/replaceable

  • Full sealed, water proof conformal coating encapsulant ensures long term reliability

  • Pump drawdown function/recovery pump control at no extra cost

Water Level Meter Probe