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Why doesn’t Testwell have detachable probes?

While detachable probe may at first appear a convenient way to add multiple functions to a unit, they will inevitably cause leaks. This is because any detachable probe requires o-rings or a compression fitting, both of which our competitors use for their field detachable probes.

However, compression fittings are highly susceptible to even minute levels of contamination, i.e. airborne dust (basically very fine sand), while muddy water and other environmental contaminants are even more problematic.

While o-rings, may seem slightly more forgiving initially, repeated mate and unmate (or connect and disconnect cycles) under typical field conditions ( i.e. a non-clean room) will allow/cause dust to adhere to the o-ring. which must always have minimal lubrication which is essential for proper functioning. Since an interference fit is required, that is the bore is always 70 thou (cross section in a 50 thousandths of an inch deep groove for a total difference of 20 thousands PER side which means the o-ring and now deposited and adhered sand is really PUSHING on the smooth (soon to be formerly smooth polished internal bore) which then scratches the o-ring mating surface, causing leaks.

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