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Interface Meters

2in1 Testwell Smart Meters™
  • Designed and manufactured to be intrinsically safe

  • Measures floating and sinking products as thin as 1mm

  • Fully sealed Pressure proof probe for DNAPLES and LNAPLES

  • Solid audible tone and light for oil, and pulsing tone and light for water

Dealer Discounts Available*
Reel Specs
  • Steel frame coated in polyurethane

  • Precision machine nylon hub, stainless steel axel and bearing

  • Well casing hanger and guide protects probe and reel

Tape Specs
  • High tensile spring steels core tefzel or polyethylene kevlar reinforced tape

  • Pressure proof to 2000 psi

  • Stainless steel probe with heavy duty shroud, 7/16 probe for direct proof ½ ID wells

  • Detachable probe is user repairable/replaceable

  • Full sealed, water proof conformal coating encapsulant ensures long term reliability

  • Pump drawdown function/recovery pump control at no extra cost