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About Teswell

Best Value By Design™ 
Testwell Dip Meter

Testwell Instruments was born from a passionate to create products which worked the best, gave the most accurate results possible, and that never sacrificed the use of quality materials in their manufacturing.

Today, President and Founder Peter Kuryllowicz continues to do just this. His Water Level Meters and Interface Meters remain the only units on the market that are built with an entirely metal reel and that have a lifetime warranty on the faceplate and reel.

With a enduring passion for quality and innovation, Testwell has also released it's Smart Meter Series™, a line of Water Level Meters and Oil Water Interface Meters that include additional (2in1) functions. These additional functions are included to provide additional value to the end user by saving them the cost of purchasing separate units solely to obtain a function that could be, and now is, included in the Water Level or Interface Meter.

To learn more about the additional features included in our units, please contact us. We'd be happy to answer your questions and give you more information on the Testwell Smart Series™.