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Why Choose Testwell Instruments

Dual functioning probes, durable design. Everything you need to do the job right and do it faster.

Best Value By Design™ 

Dual Functioning Probes

2 in 1

Testwell's 2in1 Smart Meters™ are designed to get the job done better and get it done faster, because we believe quality work shouldn't have to take longer

Why Buy Testwell

Testwell Meter's are the only dual functioning water level meters and oil water interface meters on the market, and their quality, affordability and technical support options are second to none.

What is 2 in 1?

2in1 Smart Meters™ are Water Level Meters, and Oil Water Interface Meters with dual functionality. Each Smart Meter™  removes the need for a secondary product by incorporating an additional function. The Water Level Smart Meter™ is also a functioning bottom detector, and the Oil Water Interface Smart Meter™ has a built in pump alarm feature, and an optional pump control feature which can be built in at no extra cost. With 2in1 you save the extra costs, cut your field time in half, and get the most accurate readings possible. That's smart!

And Testwell Tough

Pictured above is a unit returned for repair after more than 10 years working in the field. With only a little paint chipped away, this veteran Water Level Meter is a perfect example of how durable our products are.


This unit shows that when you buy Testwell, you always get a product that's built to last, but still weighs the same as a plastic reel.


An added bonus?


Ours is the only product on the market with a lifetime warranty on the face plate, entire reel, and a five year warranty on the electronics.


Call Us International: 905-873-8370     USA/Canada: 1-800-567-0004 

Dealer Discounts Available. Email for more information.

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